Sleep apnea- Over and Out!
A 15 Year Health Problem Solved in 15 days

January 25, 2013

DAY 15 - Finally, after a 15 year personal battle with sleep apnea, I was finally cured-  and my wife packed my CPAP machine in the bag, confident that it will never return. I just  changed the one bad habit I developed over many years- improper breathing which has an exponential effect since  experts say a normal person has  26,000 breaths a day. I learned part of the cure in 1 day and the complete routine in 2 weeks. No medicine, no operation, just the power of breathe.

My track record in trying to solve this apnea problem using modern day medicine is unparalled- after 9years of undiagnosed and often embarassing symptoms, I was finally referred to take 1 sleep test at the Phil, Heart Center in 2006,  bought 1 CPAP machine in 2006  underwent UVPP surgery at the Medical City in 2007 and another sleep test in Wheaton Franciscan n the US in 2008, bought another CPAP machine in 2008. The UVPP surgery was the most aggressive approach to try to solve this Achilles heel of a  problem- I had my tonsils removed, tongue and nose scraped even if the doctor was open enough to say it had only a 30% chance of success. Sadly, I was part of the 70% and no improvement happened.

I don't intend to take another sleep test to confirm my cure, what's the point? I've followed every traditional medical advice since 2006 and my apnea persisted- And yet, for the last 2 weeks, I experienced peak energy levels at every hour of the day up and much better than I have ever had in the last 15 years. I woke up strong and alert and rested. I lost 10 pounds without trying really hard and the food cravings vanished. And I have not been sleepy. For somebody who has not properly slept for so long, this is truly a gift of new life.

I had read about the Buteyko method in local newspapers over the last 4  years. Always had an excuse not to go to even the website or the free intro lectures. But I always clipped the ad, noted the address and procrastination always got the better of me. Now I regret having lost 4 quality years just because I was too busy to get well.

Can you learn the method by yourself? My 2 week experience says if you really want results- go to the expert and I have found a guru - Jac Vidgen- who has been teaching the method in Hong Kong, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and Australia for the past 18 years. 

I have been so positively influenced by the Buteyko method that I have promised to share the info with my friends and relatives. In fact, I brought Jac to see my very sick mom yesterday to help her improve her quality of life (my personal mission and motto). And invited my aunt and my friend to try it themselves and see if the results work for them.

In the last 2 weeks, I have witnessed a senior medical doctor, 3 sleep apnea patients, a wife and her husband undergoing 3x a week of dialysis, 1 ex-professional basketball player with irregular heartbeat, 1 young yoga practitioner with asthma consistently attend the same class as I did. I cant vouch for their health improvements but the fact that they were always there were undeniable proof that the method works for other people too.

Will you or your loved one be the next person with a better quality of life? I certainly hope so. The choice is yours. I hope you will never be too busy to do something for your health. At least not this time...

One more Jac in one of his many interviews... This is the feature on StarTV Asia. 

Still want more? Go to youtube and search "Buteyko vidgen" and be curious enough to actually do something for improving the health of your loved one.

This may be my updated life's mission- Improving Quality of Life through breath...

PS. Its now, Feb. 8, 2013, Day 29 for me and I just updated this blogpost. It really, really works! So each day, I now have the wonderful opportunity to live out Scroll No. 1 of Og Mandino's Greatest Salesman in the World:
"Today I am a new man, with a new life..."

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Anonymous said...

hi Im interested to know more about how Buteyko has helped the blogger combat sleep apnea. How can I get in touch with the person? thank you

Bong De Ungria said...

just send an email to and I will try my best to answer your questions. its been 10 months and im still ok without using my cpap machine