Saturday, November 2, 2019

#100miles #35Days #Crazy32Hours

#100 can mean a lot of things. I only have 35 days to prepare for the Dec. 7 Crazy 32 Hour Endurance Run that I will run for the 2nd time. This time, #100 can mean 100 km or 100 miles (160 km). Both are doable and in the next 5 weeks, I will just have to find enough whys to get the how to do it possible. Right before committing to this Crazy Run, I was chatting with Race Director Jonjon Alegre, and as soon as I typed that I was only aiming to hit 100km, he replied that I should hit 100 miles to earn the buckle. Whoa, what a challenge. This may be my first and only opportunity to do it. Challenge accepted!

Just saw a Billy Yang Youtube film that had an opened with an inspiring quote by Mary Oliver. Cant get it out of my head…  So inspired by it and wonder if this will guide what I will do or wont do in the lead up preparation for the #100.

Last 2018, at around the same time, I almost did a #100km, wound up at 92.4 km (I round it off to 93), partly because I had office phone calls during the last hours of the race due to an electrical problem in one of our department stores. Once on and off the phone and the stops really killed the momentum and any hope of completing the 100.

This year, I can look back and know what stopped me and what I can do to #BeatYesterday.

I can look back at my Crazy 32 Hour in 2018 as a failure. But it doesn't really matter. I will try again. And I fail again this 2019, I will Fail Better. 

A wise man once said, that if you want to hit the mountains, shoot for the stars. #100miles in 32 hours is shooting for the stars. Last 2018, I was 23rd of 27 runners who completed the Crazy 32 hour race, and I am happy to note that there were 18 who were able to do #100 miles...

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