Monday, March 11, 2019



Extraordinarily great outcomes emanate from small acts of kindness.
So how do I thank people and groups who made the extra effort to greet me via VIBER on my birthday?
It may take some time, but I will thank them one by one.
So for the 3 GIFs, thanks to UMS, UFR and JenTan.
For the 11 picture greets, Salamat UDA, UNV, URO, UST, RM Pat, Rica, Edward, Mike, Iris and Rolly, VPO Joef.
For the 11 video team greets, Superthanks to UDA UTY UNV USP UVA UMK UZB UDG URS UMB UTG
For the 34 text greets, appreciation goes to UDN UBC UAN UGT UAM URX UCD UMA UTG UMS UMK UFR UZB UNV UDG URS UST UMB UTG , RM Pat, Rica, Edward, Mike, Iris and Rolly, VPO Joef, Execom PYT AYT MGG CSR DRY CMA.
For the 4 Stickers, thanks to Aaron, Joseph Calugay, Connie and John.
For the 12 Birthday card messages, thanks to VP0 Joef and VPM Jen, DMM Pen Maica, Mickey, and Lara, RM Iris, Rica, Pat, Mike, Rollie and Edward

But my gratitude is best if beyond thanks, I will reciprocate your kindness with UNSTOPPABLE Service for an UNSTOPPABLE UNO in 2019. Together, we shall make this year, our year, our UNO, our UNSTOPPABLE UNO!

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