Sunday, March 3, 2019

Unexpectedly Crazy Hard

Unexpectedly hard but surely worth it.

 Today’s Crazy 8 hour run was just 90 days from the Crazy 32 hour last December, 5 weeks from SAF 30k and only 1 week from LSD 23k last week. So this should be easy right? Not really. Even the DNF of only 10k for the Cebu marathon that was only 30 days after the 92.4 km in Crazy 8 is hard to explain. Surely, aerobic fitness does not decline that fast.

I think what really made today’s effort hard was the 2 hours sleep the night before (making daughter’s video) and also the early arrival at the venue where additional sleeping was not possible. The lack of sleep plus the work that had to be done was a big downer for Cebu but the decision to DNF, on hindsight, allowed me to submit the Petron report on time so that was a good call.  

During this race, the voices inside my head were screaming to stop as early as the first 10 km. Or to rest longer than the 1.5 hours I actually spent inside the car rather than running.

But if there is a reminder that should be remembered for the future is this is only a race for today but a preparation for the future. So quitting or not finishing does not really help. Quitting is good if there is a physical basis for it, but for the mental test, that’s part of what we pay for, to enjoy and struggle through, to go so deep inside and find true peace and strength.

Kept the mind focused on the task at hand which is just this loop or this series of runs and walks while keeping the big picture on the horizon.

I could have stopped at 4 loops but found that extra strength to at least finish 15 loops to keep the marathon distance achievement which I also did last 2018.  And it was worth it.

For next race: (1) Sleep well (2) Do your last LSD in prep for this race (last week’s 23 k in Neo from 11 pm to 4 am totally made today possible

Still cant find the best word that comes after crazy, crazier, craziest... What is crazier than doing this Crazy 8 hour, then Crazy 12 hour, then Crazy 24 hour and capping it with a Crazy 32 hour run last 2018? Yep, doing it all over again this year, but better and happier. Started pm...#needtosleep #mindgames#5hoursearly #HappyThankYouMorePlease #AMDG

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