Sunday, March 10, 2019

Birthday Run

You normally do special things on your birthday like go out with family, celebrate, take a vacation. 

At this stage in my life, running is one of the special things. So why not a Birthday run?

The 3 hour 21k run was more of an LSD than a race. I race to train and I train to race. Races are just a safe, more fun way to train longer distances in newer places. 

So this was an uneventful, pleasant continuous run through Buendia and the flyover. The only uncommon things were the restroom break at Jollibbee and a runner falling down at the flyover, only to be serviced by an ambulance 10 minutes after.
The feeling of accomplishment was awesome. The free endorphins and runners high was expected.

The last 5 km seemed longer than expected but it was really effortless as well.

Confident with my training, I did my first water and snackbreak at 10km, then at 16km and last drink at around 18km, compensating the time lost with a shorter period of race walk.

So after a grueling 6hr30 42k last week, this 3 hr 21k today was really an LSD.

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