Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Primus for Optimal Learning

Part 1
Learning the Concepts

The basic foundation for optimal marketing learning is a real understanding of the concepts. Here is a sample of concepts in Chapter 1 "Defining Marketing in the 21st Century" by Kotler and how this is best shared using the Primus format.

Part 2

Practical and useful learning is achieved when concepts are seen in recent, local examples. The leaning deepens when the concept is applied to one's own work and own personal brand. The ultimate application is finding connections to ethical concerns in the society as a whole.

Part 3
Audience Participation (Not Lecture, Not a Video)

Successful communication today often involves active participation and contribution by the customers. You can think of Facebook, Youtube and even text votes for popular contests such as The Voice, Ms. Universe as prime examples where audience participation is a key part of the entire activity.

This "audience participation" game shown below is based on a video showed in class.
The most important thing is to involve the audience in an activity that is related to some of the marketing concepts in Part 1.

Ideally, the game should be at the end of the period, but only if there is enough time left. Part 1 and Part 2 must be substantially completed. Furthermore, the game should not be a lecture, discussion or video but just like the example below, can be based from it.