Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Choose Your Path

Here is Marketing in Real Life!

Instead of insisting on one path for the grading system for the course, marketing students are allowed the option to choose.

Which Route?


In the end, the proof of the cake is in the pudding.

This assignment requires the learner to list the top 10 market-based things that the learner will apply after the course.

For the top 10 things, pls. the following categories
1. Professional- 5
2. Personal -3
3. Promote the AGSB and the MBA program -2

You may ask whyinclude 2  things you can do for the AGSB and the MBA? The answer! You have invested a lot of your time and money, sweat and tears to have the AGSB MBA program as part of your competitive advantage. By promoting the AGSB MBA brand, you are also indirectly benefitted if the market sees how good that brand really is.

Here is the downloadable template