Thursday, August 10, 2017

A-Team and 42K Team: Volunteer Now!

I am inviting and encouraging, students and learners to voluntarily join  the A-Team or the 42K teams of the class.

To the A-Team, both the effort (doing all the mandatory and optional assignments) and the result (grade) are important. 

To the 42k Team, the effort is the full reward and the grade is not that important. It is like me joining a 42k marathon with the end goal of just enjoying and finishing the run rather than winning 1st, 2nd or 3rd place. Surely, the effort to finish a 42k is incomparable as wining the 5k fun run and that shall be considered. 

What is expected?
Volunteers to the A-Team and 42k Team need to send an email to signifying their intention to join.

Team members are expected to do all assignments well and on-time.
Go the extra mile.
Rise from the ordinary.
If possible, be among the first to submit assignments particularly those which are posted on-line for the rest of the class to see and use as benchmark.
Volunteer for class tasks and help out in the class admin.
Point out room for improvement silently (via email) or loudly while in class (for example, class should end already...)

What is the reward?
The hard work you put in is in itself a reward. While there is no guarantee of the highest grade will be given (as this can be achieved even by non-members who still perform well vs. the majority), it will be easier for you to be noticed in a small group of A-team and 42k team members than the large group of the regular fun runners.
The other reward is that other members of the class who are happy doing only the passing standards and mandatory requirements of the class (the 5k and 10k runners as per this analogy) will not be forced to run longer than what they signed up for.
Furthermore, the longer distance runners (the 21k and 42k) will not be bored or find the course too light in learning and challengers.

What is the penalty?
None. Although I would appreciate it much if members formally opt out of the A-team or 42K teams rather than stop doing what is expected and make me wonder why. 

I love it when a plan gets together....