Thursday, July 13, 2017

Creating Videos is an Essential Component of Digital Strategy

Today, I created and uploaded 3 educational videos on youtube.

It's been at least 4 years since I did this. But now that I am privileged to coach 2 digital marketing classes (Ateneo Graduate School of Business and at UP College of Business Administration), I think its about time to practice (again) what I preach...

The videos were captured by a free app called Jing by Techsmith. The free version allows up to 5 minute screen capture of your desktop in swf format. I converted the swf to mp4 using   "VIP Video Converter". Mp4 is one of the video formats allowed for Youtube upload, swf is not. While there is a free trial version of the VIP Video converter, there is a watermark on the converted product and of course that is not desirable. At US$ 17.95 or about Php 900, I downloaded the converter and voila, 3 educational videos.

This first video shall replace the typical "Introduce Yourself" part at the beginning of classes. All students shall now be required to create a 1 minute version of their professional background, upload it for youtube and post the url link on the class Facebook page.

This 2nd video aims to enhance the content of the student blogs, which is also a requirement for Digital Marketing classes.

 This 3rd video shows the status of Social Media and Digital in the Philippines as of January 2017.

These 3 videos are far superior to a digital  video I made last week using a different combination of digital tools, powerpoint and imovie. Here it is...

I am sure that with more purposeful practice and using other digital tools, the creation of videos shall continue to be an essential part of any digital marketers arsenal.

Have you made any videos for this digital marketing class? Share them and grow!


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