Thursday, June 29, 2017

High Tech, High Touch: Its the People not the Technology!

High tech, high touch was a slogan as early as 1994 when I was doing marketing for Unilever Philippines. It simply meant that as technology increased, the requirement for human interaction also increased.

In many digital discussions today, digital disruption is almost the opening discussion. This Ted talk takes a different view...

Here is the intro to the talk accompanying the video...
Steve believes that now more than ever the old way of doing things is hurting more than helping. Digital disruption requires new ways of thinking.

"Here are Steve's own words opening the talk."
.... the more technology is out there, the more ubiquitous, the more prevalent, the more it is in the hands of people...the  more the human dimension matters, the more people matter. Technology doesnt innovate yet, people do. Technology is not disrupting any industry, people are. It's important to realize that what technology is doing is enabling and amplifying the potential of people. And the potential of people today is far greater than ever before. And is really a function of 2 things: very simply, its what you know and what you are connected to... and that defines value" - Steve Vamos, Sep 2016, TedX Melbourne talks

Today, Steve believes that it is better to be a "learn it all" instead of "know it all" because past success and knowledge can be a killer. Be willing to let go of what you know.

Second big lesson is the importance of revisiting purpose (vision/ mission) and why you do what you do? Why do we exist? Why are we doing all these things? Where can we win?

Lastly, we must embrace the reality that mistake aversion is wrong. In order to succeed, we must fail and make mistakes. But when we make the mistake, we must learn from it.

And he ended the talk with... "There's enormous potential in each of us. And with technology... you will realize the enormous potential in each one of us."


Sam said...

Changing Paradigm


Change is the only constant in this world. Innovation is way faster than what we can grasp so we need to wake up to the reality of today and tomorrow, and open our eyes so we do not miss it. Most importantly, keep an open mind. Do not be afraid of making mistakes, or of taking risks and chances. Together with the changing generation of the workforce (millennials coming in), we need to realize that we are still human, and at the end of the day, we are all looking for purpose as this drives us and keeps us going. What helps keep the workforce efficient and effective is engaging them, and realizing the humanity in each and every person. And while the landscape is ever changing, having a clear direction will keep everyone in the right path.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Change the Game
#PowerOfOne As a young member of the organization I am a change agent and
though I cannot immediately affect change, I strive to connect and learn
with and through people constantly mindful that being the example of the
change I want to see in the organization culture, starts with me. I walk the talk and
encourage listening to check ideas are heard from all angles.

Unknown said...

The Mindset Challenge

The TED Talk gives valuable insights for leaders in the workplace in terms of how they can effectively manage their teams. Especially in the country where most local companies have a very top-down structure, leaders tend to be "know-it-alls". This presents a mindset challenge that leaders should overcome (together with their egos). Steve encourages them to be open-minded and foster a "learn-at all" attitude in their teams. I agree with him that mistakes, though needs reprimanding, should be a springboard for learning. Leaders should always encourage its members to try, fail and learn. This starts from the leader itself.

Unknown said...

#WeConnect #TryFailLearn
Potential of people to learn these days is far better than before because information and source of information is accessible anytime and network connection is readily available, we have to use this opportunity to improve lives. Social interaction has become effortless, friends and relatives that are geographically apart can now be brought together, and technology has helped us to overcome the hindrance of time and space. We all need to help each other to create our own vision and we have to constantly question what we do. As part of the community and as managers we have to identify three bad things and three good things to be able to create value in our society. As leaders we should not be afraid to "try, fail and learn". We have to stand by our friends, relatives, employees and help people in their journey. Encourage people to think why they think that way, why they behave that way. Understanding the mindset "Psycho-graphics" of people can help to bring about their great potentials.

Unknown said...

We Disrupt; Not Technology


Well said. We are amazed on how technology has changed our lives but fail to realize that people are the source of that change and innovation. Steve Vamos touched on many aspects on the need to change most specially on our mindset; from individualistic to a truly collaborative mindset. Of all the things he mentioned, what resonates the most is the need to be constantly reflective; to challenge ourselves on why we exist, what is our priority to constantly question why you do and why it’s relevant to others.

Unknown said...

#Power of technology

The power of technology need to be combined with the potential of the people and adjusted with the fact that the organization does not change.

Enzo Yu said...


With the amount of data existing currently, there's no reason for people/organizations to hedge on their market implementations. The age of "we don't have data" is not the case anymore - data is everywhere and the challenge now is how do you learn? What is the learning plan given the magnitude of data presented.

One nice concept is the lean startup concept where it mentions to launch fast but keep scope to the non-negotiables. Instead of trying to capture everything in the first launch, it's really launching then learning from customer response then tweaking.

Unknown said...

DIGITAL DISRUPTION #openmind #focus
takehome lessons: set your goal clearly, reflect on the reasons why you are there, open you mind to a menthality without barrier, listen your innerself, keep learning from your mistakes.

iamcharred said...


Chris Lowney, the author of Heroic Leadership said that self-awareness is one of the four traits that made the Jesuits survive centuries as an organization. The Jesuits use practice the daily Examen to review how their day went.

Emily Abrera, the chairman emeritus of McCann Philippines that she self-awareness is key to being a great and effective leader. A person needs to know what he values and his strengths and weaknesses.

In a Leadership workshop that I recently attended, self-awareness is also important before engaging into conversations.

This video also stresses that we need to confront that we are limited and we need to know our limitations. Self-awareness is key and the start to continue to be competitive and leader in this fast-changing world.

Unknown said...

#Digital is really disruptive and it's here to stay. People drives these changes in both personal and work environment. Whatever is out there in terms of technology is something that Managers of today can always tap and leverage on but with the mindset that technology is just an enabler but he/himself should be the one to drive the change as the prime change agent.

Unknown said...

#Comfort Zone
Change is inevitable! if we don't want to be left out, we need to leave our comfort zone to explore and learn new things which we haven't tried before.
We shld not be afraid to fail, since we will all learn from our mistakes...who knows, whatever new path we will be, will be better from our current comfort zone.

genramos said...

finding your purpose in the digital world…


its still finding your purpose … be the change agent in your own organization is still the name of the game having your own vision still very important no matter how digitally genius we are… working together for one greater purpose is still essential to success in this highly digital era…

Sam said...

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