Sunday, January 22, 2017

Create Your Personal Brand Elements

Now you know you are a brand- a personal brand with your name on it. And to you and your loved ones, you are the most important brand in the world.

Want to be a great brand that stands out from the rest?

The following case study shows the steps to develop and reinvent your personal brand.

At the very minimum, you should have an original brand logo. Think of the greatest brands in the world: Apple, Google, Nike- what do they all have? A brand logo! The logo should mean something that is both connected to the brand essence and relevant to its target market.

Often, adding heart and soul to the logo is accomplished by complementing it with a brand promise or slogan- McDonald’s? Love ko to… Nike? Just Do it! VCoach? Serves!

A few years ago, using the "Paint" program in Windows, I made my personal brand logo. The logo was a result from a story about what I believe in and what I do...

If you missed the lecture, or want to review the lecture with audio, watch it in  you-tube!

If you prefer slides to video, here is the slideshare version....

Can you change brand logos somehere down the road? Of course! So simply dive in and the real personal brand with your name on it will come out.

Below is a picture of  my brand logo, brand promise/slogan and brand positioning. I call it a PERSONAL BRAND ELEMENTS. You dont need to show the story like I did in my own logo development. Just this 1 page or picture showing different brand elements of your personal brand.

The key objectives of this brand exercise are:

1. Make students aware that they are professional/personal brands that can succeed or fail like any other brand and that it is their urgent and personal responsibility to make their personal brands more successful using marketing principles

2. Inspire students to align their professional and personal brands to what they want it to be in the future (vision/mission), and not be limited by what they are doing or where they are right now.

3. Make students determine their unli-rice that 1 thing that differentiates us in a customer- relevant and superior way vs our peers and competitors in the minds of our target customers,

The key messages from the coach to the students are:

1. The most important brand in the world is YOUR brand as your brand has the largest impact on your quality of life (and the lives of the people who are affected by your brand's success or failure).

2. Marketing principles that are applied to common brands like Colgate, Ateneo or President Duterte , Trump or Aquino also apply to your personal brand.

3. The time to start building and adding equity in your personal brand is NOW. Just like what I did to my brand, You can choose to adjust the various elements of the brand in the future.

Pls. follow the format of my sample comment on the FB page (Adjective, Noun, Your Name, Verb plus a description of your brand elements and the logo itself).

Samples of Adjective- Noun- Name-Verb combinations

Unli Rice Mang Inasal Eats
Vision-Driven Coach Bong Serves
Adventurous Creatives Reyn Delivers

The following statement is the text comment that must accompany the picture logo...

Vision-Driven Coach (VCoach)  Bong Serves. The logo is an image of a person in a service motion. The blue and white of the person symbolizes that he is an Atenean, the green ball and ground represents business or professional goals (money) while the red racket and red ground represents personal goals (heart). The stings on the racket which have the atenean, professional and personal linked to one another are what actually hit the ball and not the racket itself. The power of service is made so much stronger when there is an intersection of timing and direction of personal and professional goals aimed at service. Hyper3- High performance through highly personal, hyperlinked service. An additional brand element is the website.

Hypermarketing3 students:

For this PERSONAL BRAND ELEMENTS assignment, there are 3 mandatory submissions:

1. Submit hardcopy and self-rating sheet before the start of class.

2. Email to before the start of class

3, Post On-line
Post here… (click hyperlink)

First, press comment. Then click the picture icon to upload your personal brand elements picture.

By the way, I strongly recommend you create the logo in Paint or similar program. Then you can insert the logo in a Powerpoint file. Once all the brand elements are on the Powerpoint slide, then click (Save as, Other Formats, JPEG) and voila, you have a picture that you can upload on FB.

In case there are problems with posting on-line, dont panic or worry. We shall resolve this during the class discussions.


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