Thursday, July 14, 2016

#ForgetMeNot: How Marketing Helps Our Minds Remember

Master marketing concepts through images, models stories, and diagrams.

Help the mind to #forgetmenot.

Why Hypermarketing 3.0

Why is marketing typically the last mile?

 How does marketing increase value vs. the other core functions (see Tshirt analogy)

 What is Hypermarketing 3.0 and what are the 5Ps necessary to achieve this?

 How does Expertise Integrity and Service affect what we want to be in the AGSB?

Who is VCoach Bong de Ungria?


Admin Reminders

Let's make the class effective and efficient.

Management by Objectives, Why ZYX is Superior to ABC

Leaders think ZYX while followers still think ABC.

 Are you ready to be a leader?