Sunday, July 24, 2016

A Sample Midterm Exam: Thou Shall Not Fear

Midterm exams are a necessary ingredient to optimize the student's learning of the marketing concepts in the course. This sample exam provides the students an experience and a sense of what will be asked during the exam, thus relieving some of the usual anxiety which accompanies such exercises. Students are reminded of  4 key points:

  1. The objective of the midterm exam is to encourage students to study the materials and lectures provided in the course. 
  2. Good performance in the midterm exam is important to those who wish to earn a good grade for the course.
  3. The exam is designed to reward effort and hardwork, and does not require memorization.
  4. "Failing" the midterm exam is impossible even for those who do not prepare well. The result of a midterm exam shall not be the basis of a passing or failing grade. 


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mitchelle Cook said...

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joe said...

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