Thursday, February 6, 2014

Facebook LookBack at 10: Innovative Use of Technology to Generate Buzz and Goodwill

Post by Bong De Ungria.

Hypermarketing3 on Facebook lookback campaign
Comment: Know your customer, surprise and delight him with what he wants (and when he does not expect it), and do so at virtually no cost to you. Create the buzz (word of mouth) and customer engagement to deliver the message quickly and effectively.
Customer Insight: FB users post photos they like especially those that evoke great memories, feelings or advocacies.
Done by Facebook using FB user's pictures using i-Movie type of program with filters selecting user photos according to criteria such as first and last photos, most liked and put captions for context. Selected a hashtag and easy to use link. Done during its 10th anniversary when the company needed to demonstrate its relevance and competitiveness vs. the younger upstarts like Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram.

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