Saturday, May 4, 2013

AGSB- The Number 1 MBA Brand, Your Brand and Mine

AGSB, the number 1 MBA Brand in the country? Says who? Watch this video and find out...Do pay special attention to the statistics cited starting the 7:40 mark onwards...


Why have so many aspiring business leaders chosen to use the AGSB brand to add equity to their own brands? Because, in the eyes of the student and perhaps to a greater majority of the business community, the AGSB brand is differentiated, superior and relevant. (Disclaimer- this is the author's opinion formed from his 4 years of studying the MBA (1990 -1994) and 16 years of teaching it (1997 to 2013) @ the AGSB).

If what the video says is true, and there is no reason to doubt any of  it, then this brand, the AGSB MBA brand, which is a co-brand of yours and mine, is something we should truly be proud of. To serve with expertise and integrity is our mission. To be first among equals is our challenge. To create high performance highly personal  (hyper2) plans is the way.


What makes the AGSB Brand superior vs. others?
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