Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Replacement Around the Corner

Instead of Shop Around the Corner and books, this could easily be Replacement Around the Corner and our job. Are you aware? Afraid? Prepared?

The video below is the 2nd part of a 3 clip series. This is particularly educational because it dwells on some possible ethical issues about marketing, communications and competition.

Be sure to watch the full video and then post your comment below.
Based purely on the video, did Kathleen Kelly (Meg Ryan) or Joe Fox do anything that can be considered ethical?

 For Hypermarketing3 students, answer the question as a comment below.

If your answer is yes, identify the specific action/s and why you consider such as ethical.

If your answer is no (ie. there were no unethical actions by either Fox or Kelly), then cite a specific action or circumstance related to the video that which if Fox or Kelly did, would be considered unethical and why. Remember the previous discussion on when is it unethical to visit a competitor's store? Generally, going to a public area like a store or a website is ethical (and actually a must if you are going to a competitors) and becomes unethical only if you enter a locked room which is not open to the public or open a computer which is for employees only.

As a second question that you must comment on, can you pls. guess and explain why the title of this post is "Replacement Around the Corner"?

VCoach Bong


Unknown said...

The title suggests that we do not have to look elsewhere for competition because at times it may just be lurking under our noses.

Leilani Estebat said...

The title of this post is "Replacement around the Corner" because competition is just around and anytime can replace the company.

Unknown said...

I think the suggested title means that we can change business strategy anytime we want if that could make our business better.

Unknown said...

I am thinking of the game "trip to Jerusalem" as illustration for the title "replacement is just around the corner." Simply because similar to that game, the fastest and most alert can get the seat. Likewise, in the movie clip, the competition that can replace SATC's position is literally the new book shop at the corner. Competition is imminent and near.

Unknown said...

I think "Replacement around the corner" is a good punching line to attract people and wonder of something like "Oh, what's new in here?" That can pull potential customers to get into the store and see what new.

Unknown said...

The title "Replacement Around the Corner" suggests that in business, competition will always be there. An owner of a firm can never be too complacent no matter how successful the business/brand is.

Lynie Tumabini said...

"Replacement Around the Corner" means that businesses exist in a competitive environment. Competition is everywhere. Market behavior is changing. For a business to survive and maintain its sustainable growth, it requires a concrete marketing plan and strategy, continues innovation and maintain NWD to build a strong brand. Its just like a business marathon.

Anonymous said...

Replacement around the corner means that nothing is permanent - one has to keep improving their marketing strategy in order to keep up with the competition

Unknown said...

Change and evolve in whatever way for as long as it is lawful as competition is just right around the corner ready to swallow the weakest.

Michelle Gatbonton said...

Somehow, i missed this post.

Replacement Around the Corner may mean that a company can be readily Replaced if it fails to be aware of market forces such as competition, substitutes and demands of its customers. Not only should a company be vigilant, but it must also be prepared for change.