Thursday, July 18, 2013

Why 20 Year Hypermarketing Plans Today

First Things First! 
Have a 20 Year Plan for the Brand Called You.
To Increase the Success of Your Personal Brand, the first thing to do is to create a 20 Yr highly personal high performance marketing plan.

There are 4 Options to listen to this lecture on-line:
Option 1: Here is the youtube version of the  class lecture, the audio of which was recorded live last July 12, 2013 with the v60 AGSB Hypermarketing class. Pls. prepare to adjust the audio volume at some points as some of the audio is lower for some slides.

 Option 2: Want to watch the accompanying  videos to the lecture? Watch it here...


Option 3: Here are the same 3 videos as part of the lecture. However, in this version, there is no audio on the slides (some may actually prefer this to the youtube video).

Why 20 Year Hypermarketing3 Plans Today from Remigio Joseph DeUngria

Option 4: Go straight to Youtube. Here is the link...

Task 76 for Hypermarketing2 Students
The most important thing to ask: Have you made your 20 Year Hypermarketing Plan Today?

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Here is the format for your post...
#hypermarketing3 #20yearhypermarketingplan (Title of Your 20 Year Hypermarketing Plan with your 1 Word Descriptor and Name) (url of your 20 YearPlan...)

Sample post:
#hypermarketing3 #20yearhypermarketingplan GrandSlam Finals for VCoach Bong De Ungria

To make sure you posted it right, type #20yearhypermarketingplan on the search page on Facebook and see if you can see your post. Remember, if you posted as a comment, then it will not appear when the hashtag is  searched.