Thursday, January 24, 2013

Develop and Reinvent Your Personal Brand

Now you know you are a brand- a personal brand with your name on it. And to you and your loved ones, you are the most important brand in the world.

Want to be a great brand that stands out from the rest?

The following case study shows the steps to develop and reinvent your personal brand.

At the very minimum, you should have an original brand logo. Think of the greatest brands in the world: Apple, Google, Nike- what do they all have? A brand logo! The logo should mean something that is both connected to the brand essence and relevant to its target market.

Often, adding heart and soul to the logo is accomplished by complementing it with a brand promise- McDonald’s? Love ko to… Nike? Just Do it! VCoach? Serves!

A few years ago, using the "Paint" program in Windows, I made my personal brand logo- it represents me in many dimensions. Then, I said what does the brand promise? Here is the hyperanimation of the Vcoach brand and its promise… (actually 1 slide building to another with narratives but hyperanimation sounds nicer doesn’t it?)

Can you change brand logos somehere down the road? Of course! So simply dive in and the real personal brand with your name on it will come out.

Hypermarketing students:

For this assignment, there are 2 possible submissions:

1. Just a brand logo
Post your brand logos here…

Posting tip: Upload your brand logo on Facebook. Click on the photo. It will have a url (starts with http://  ) Copy the url by pressing Control + C. Go to the post section and paste by pressing Control + V.

Be inspired by the other brand logos of your classmates

Pls. also post the following in another Facebook page (like your timeline) with the following hashtags
#mypersonalbrand #agsbhypermarketing #personalbrandlogo + url of your brand logo post+

sample post:
#mypersonalbrand #agsbhypermarketing #personalbrandlogo +

2. Brand logo + story +animation

Post them here…

Pls. also post the following in another Facebook page (like your timeline) with the following hashtags
#mypersonalbrand #agsbhypermarketing #mybrandcommercial + the url of your post

sample post
#mypersonalbrand #agsbhypermarketing #mybrandcommercial+

Also remember to email your submission to

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Marketing 101: I Love Marketing Relaunched!

Do you think you know 21st century marketing? Take this on-line pre-test, for free and find out. Click:

Be sure to use  your real name when you take the test as this also serves as proof of your attendance and class participation. If you use a wrong name, then you can take the test again.

If you answer all 5 questions correctly, then you are indeed a marketing expert already. However, if you scored less than 3, then reading the following on-line lecture will help you become a marketing master!

This 21st century edition of the model  includes new data on Socioeconomic classes in the Philippines and its impact on market demand. The visual, creative storytelling features of the previous models have been retained to improve comprehension and retention.
A Visual, Interactive and Creative Marketing Model: I Love Marketing
View more presentations from Remigio Joseph DeUngria

Yes, the presentation was hyper-long. But did you learn some things you will never forget? Then, take the on-line test again, and be sure to use your real name again.

Do you now Love Marketing? If you can draw this model on the back of a tissue paper, then the answer is YES!


Missed the live lecture? Here are 2 attempts to show the I Love Marketing models on youtube...

I Love Marketing Model Part 1

I Love Marketing Model Part 2

This is the url:

Here are some of the concepts applied to the Ateneo Graduate School of Business MBA program
Cheers! Vcoach Bong