Saturday, December 10, 2011

Play by the Score: Primus and PreWork Samples and Scoring Sheets

A famous football coach once said, “In my 20 years of coaching, I never lost a single game- I just ran out of time.” (If we had more time, we’d be able to catch up, or the opposing team would get tired or commit mistakes; Nevertheless, it does not count since the rules say how much time we have in the game.) More often than not, time is a rule that everyone needs to contend with in the many games of life.

But time is not the only rule. Each game has a different set. Knowing these, and knowing what is important to score, and distinguishing which are nice but don’t add value is something that winners always do.

In the business world, the rules and the score are determined by the target market. Doing research to understand what the customer thinks is an important part of the value creation, communication and delivery process.

In my marketing management class, I remind my students to always play by the score- and be effective (achieve the objective as defined by the rules on scoring) and efficient (achieving effectiveness with the least amount of effort). Of course, life is never that simple and fair…

But we can make it very transparent using the templates and scoring sheets for the Primus and PreWork required for the class. Download these by clicking the links below...

Primus scoring sheet:

The primus worksheet is better understood when viewed together with the sample primus reports found in this link:

Pre-Work scoring sheet and Sample of a PreWork done for Chapter 1: