Thursday, December 29, 2011

Bill Gates? Rules For Success

Things happen for a reason. Things fall in place because of some rule. Some reasons and rules apply more than others. Which of these rules, supposedly from Bill Gates, have you encountered in the game called life? For me, its been rule 1...

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

In Search Of Tipping Points for 2012

Earlier today, I was listening to Malcolm Gladwell's audiobook, Tipping Point: How Little Things Make a Big Difference. Coming smack right into the new year, I couldn;t help but try to personalize what tipping points can be in my life for 2012 and beyond.

For a tennis match, this could be the pivotal single point during 3 gruelling hours of playing where the ball just grazes the line, whereas half an inch more it would have been out. Remember Novak Djokovic's go-for-broke-I-don't-care-if-lose forehand stroke at match point vs. Roger Federer in the 2011 Wimbledon semifinal? Because it went in, Novak won the semis from a break down, then won the Wimbledon final  and rode that momentum to also win the 2011 US Open.  That single stroke was worth millions of dollars more for Novak and a hefty loss of endorsement value for Federer.

Other tipping points in sports could be the last second shot in a basketball game, the late game intereception in football, the goalie slip in soccer or the knockout punch in boxing. It could be the freak injury to your best player, the unfair call of a referee or a shot that should have gone in but didn't.

If you are more the scientific type, the tipping point could be the last calorie of heat at the latent heat of vaporization that instantly turns liquid to gas. Or, it could be the last ion that turns your litmus paper from blue to red. It could be the switch that turns on the light, or the last vibration that causes a bridge to collapse. It could be the ignition point that causes a forest fire or that point before the heart machine shows a flatline. The tipping point may be a referral that gets you the job.

At the start of 2012, I now search for tipping points for my personal and professional life. What are those little things that can make a big difference? Perhaps I would get some clues from my tipping points in 2011: malicious rumors from a colleague, my digital marketing degree earned 1 year earlier, negotiation skills honed from listening to  audio CDs, my sick mom's needs, a multinational job process,  the love of my sweetheart wife and the daily challenges of raising 3 teengage kids.

Tipping points produce both good and bad short term results. But as Steve Jobs said in his famous commencement speech, the dots do connect sometime in the future and then life makes sense.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Play by the Score: Primus and PreWork Samples and Scoring Sheets

A famous football coach once said, “In my 20 years of coaching, I never lost a single game- I just ran out of time.” (If we had more time, we’d be able to catch up, or the opposing team would get tired or commit mistakes; Nevertheless, it does not count since the rules say how much time we have in the game.) More often than not, time is a rule that everyone needs to contend with in the many games of life.

But time is not the only rule. Each game has a different set. Knowing these, and knowing what is important to score, and distinguishing which are nice but don’t add value is something that winners always do.

In the business world, the rules and the score are determined by the target market. Doing research to understand what the customer thinks is an important part of the value creation, communication and delivery process.

In my marketing management class, I remind my students to always play by the score- and be effective (achieve the objective as defined by the rules on scoring) and efficient (achieving effectiveness with the least amount of effort). Of course, life is never that simple and fair…

But we can make it very transparent using the templates and scoring sheets for the Primus and PreWork required for the class. Download these by clicking the links below...

Primus scoring sheet:

The primus worksheet is better understood when viewed together with the sample primus reports found in this link:

Pre-Work scoring sheet and Sample of a PreWork done for Chapter 1: