Sunday, April 24, 2011

Learn Marketing Concepts by Asking Better Questions

How do you review for the midterm exams?

Concept by concept. Chapter by Chapter.

What may seem to be a gargantuan task is made easy by this assignment.

No need to reinvent the wheel. Build on what has been done, on what is readily available.

A famous teacher once remarked- my objective during the term is to help the students learn the answers to the questions.

One of the differentiating advantages of the Vcoach Hypermarketing class is that midterm exams are objective, multiple-choice questions made by the students, for students, and posted on-line before the exam. Where else can you find that?

These approach removes all subjectivity, bias, and the torture of deciphering handwritten answers to essays. It also allows instant feedback to the student.

But the key benefit from this innovation is that it strongly encourages students to study for the exam rather than use common sense and good luck in answering the questions. With the grading system on a relativity scale, there is no way for those who don't study to score higher than those who do prepare.

Here is the Hyper2 assignment for this marketing activity starting 2013...

Here is the downloadable template for Output 1

Here is the downloadable template for Output 2
Here are 3 midterm exams that were previously given, and which provide some of the questions for future exams. Click and learn!

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