Friday, March 18, 2011

World's Most Important Brand Has Your Name On It

Apple, Microsoft, Coke, IBM, Google are the world's top 5 brands valued at more than $40 Billion each. But their global success has little impact on you.

For you, the most important brand in the world is the brand with your name on it. So, utilize business and marketing principles to make YOU, the personal brand, stand out and win.

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Here's a Downloadable Template for Personal Brand Launches...

View more presentations from Remigio Joseph DeUngria
Come On! Launch your Personal Brands
Vcoach Bong

Hypermarketing2 MBA Students:

Once you make your brand  launch and upload the file on slideshare,  you have to do 4  things:

(1) post the url to Facebook page with the ff. link…

Pls. look for the class number “Brand Launch Submissions” and post as a comment. For example, for v59 class, look for the post “v59 Brand Launch Submissions”.  Here is a sample link for the v59 class:

(2) Post on twitter with 2 hashtags  #hypermarketing2   #mybrandlaunch

(3) Email to

(4) Embed the file in your personal blog