Friday, March 18, 2011

The Shoe and the Lion

There were 2 excellent shoe salesmen who were very good friends but who were as different from one another as night and day.

Let's call the first salesman as The Pessimist and the other salesman as The Optimist.

When they went down from the plane to a third world country for the first time, the Pessimist was exasperated for he saw thousands of people with no shoes. What misfortune he exclaimed: "These people don't know a shoe even if it hit them right between their eyes. How can i possibly sell to these people who have walked barefoot all their lives?"

The Optimist was overjoyed. "How lucky can I be!," he shouted to the heavens. "All these people need shoes and I am here to sell it to them."

After a month of walking from town to town selling shoes, Pessimist and Optimist found themselves in the middle of a desert where not a tree nor animal or building was in sight for as far as the eye can see. The Optimist was relishing the feeling of tranquility while the Pessimist was cursing his bad luck and thought he would die from the heat.

Minutes later, the Pessimist seemed to be right. For he saw a big, ferocious lion in the middle of the desert who was clearly not eaten for days and was now salivating at the sight of his prey. While the Pessimist was praying for some miracle, the Optimist was putting on his rubber shoes.

The Pessimist said: "Dude, you crazy fool, you can't possibly outrun the lion in this desert!"

The Optimist replied, while tying the shoelace: "You're right old friend, can't outrun the lion. But with these shoes, I can certainly outrun you!"

As your Hypermarketing Proof of Learning (HPoL), pls post a comment below showing a real situation which can be viewed very differently by an optimist and a pessimist.


Bong De Ungria said...

Event: We are having a virtual class
Optimist: Wow! A new learning experience.
Pessimist: Another difficult effort for the student.

Bong De Ungria said...

Event: We are having a virtual class
Optimist: Wow! A new learning experience.
Pessimist: Another difficult effort for the student.

Unknown said...

Event: When additional consultants are being hired by the management
Optimist: They might provide us with fresh ideas about our line of business.
Pessimist: They will do nothing but increase our cost because we already have employees doing the job.

Unknown said...

Event: Teaching/Mentoring a Colleague
Optimist: Sharing knowledge to colleagues makes me an asset to the company
Pessimist: Sharing knowledge to colleagues makes me replaceable in the company

Unknown said...

EVENT: Developing a new product
OPTIMIST: A chance to enter new market and a new source of income
PESSIMIST: Added expense, with no potential market

Michelle Gatbonton said...

Event: Job Reshuffling
Optimist: Opportunity to learn new things and increase knowledge and skills on matters other than your expertise
Pessimist: difficulty of learning new tasks and having to adapt to a new environment

Unknown said...

Event: Adoption of New Technology
Optimist: An added burden and task to learn
Pessimist: A tool to simplify my tasks and lighten my workload

Lynie Tumabini said...

Event: Hiring additional accounting staff to complete accounting manpower
Optimist: meet deadlines, facilitate processing of payments to suppliers - improve customer service
Pessimist: incur additional overhead

Unknown said...

Event: The company is re-organizing
Optimist: Opportunities for career growth
Pessimist: Additional paper works

Unknown said...

Event: Succession Planning
Optimist: Knowledge sharing and improved ways of working for the team
Pessimist:Time and effort consuming and even threat to current post

Unknown said...

Event: Change of Accounting software/system from SAP to Quickbooks
Pessimist: Too much work to do, QuickBooks very crude, SAP is better (endless complaints)
Optimist: Great! New system, new learning. Simpler tool, more time to analyze and give better reports

Unknown said...

Event: Implementing scorecards for team members to measure their performance. This is an actual experience I am having from few months ago since we implemented the score card to my team members. The optimist members see it as chance for their improvement and eventually the output of our team effort. The pessimists see it as threat for low scores and eventually smaller or no incentive at all at the end of the year.

Leilani Estebat said...

Event: An Immediate Superior who likes to delegate to his direct reports.
Optimist direct report: A chance for new learnings or preparation for the next level.
Pessimist direct report: Boss is lazy but being paid more while staff has all the work and being paid less.

marissadavid said...

Event: Additional Workload, twice the average
Optimist: Opportunity to strengthen qualification for promotion
Pessimist: Additional work, no additional pay

Anonymous said...

Event: A new project is in about to start and your supervisor is requesting for you to take a leadership role.
Pessimist: What if the project manager does not like me? What if the project fails? This is an extra work for me without promotion or increasing pay.
Optimist: Take on the challenge and willing to work overtime to ensure he knows the project well.