Thursday, December 29, 2011

Bill Gates? Rules For Success

Things happen for a reason. Things fall in place because of some rule. Some reasons and rules apply more than others. Which of these rules, supposedly from Bill Gates, have you encountered in the game called life? For me, its been rule 1...

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

In Search Of Tipping Points for 2012

Earlier today, I was listening to Malcolm Gladwell's audiobook, Tipping Point: How Little Things Make a Big Difference. Coming smack right into the new year, I couldn;t help but try to personalize what tipping points can be in my life for 2012 and beyond.

For a tennis match, this could be the pivotal single point during 3 gruelling hours of playing where the ball just grazes the line, whereas half an inch more it would have been out. Remember Novak Djokovic's go-for-broke-I-don't-care-if-lose forehand stroke at match point vs. Roger Federer in the 2011 Wimbledon semifinal? Because it went in, Novak won the semis from a break down, then won the Wimbledon final  and rode that momentum to also win the 2011 US Open.  That single stroke was worth millions of dollars more for Novak and a hefty loss of endorsement value for Federer.

Other tipping points in sports could be the last second shot in a basketball game, the late game intereception in football, the goalie slip in soccer or the knockout punch in boxing. It could be the freak injury to your best player, the unfair call of a referee or a shot that should have gone in but didn't.

If you are more the scientific type, the tipping point could be the last calorie of heat at the latent heat of vaporization that instantly turns liquid to gas. Or, it could be the last ion that turns your litmus paper from blue to red. It could be the switch that turns on the light, or the last vibration that causes a bridge to collapse. It could be the ignition point that causes a forest fire or that point before the heart machine shows a flatline. The tipping point may be a referral that gets you the job.

At the start of 2012, I now search for tipping points for my personal and professional life. What are those little things that can make a big difference? Perhaps I would get some clues from my tipping points in 2011: malicious rumors from a colleague, my digital marketing degree earned 1 year earlier, negotiation skills honed from listening to  audio CDs, my sick mom's needs, a multinational job process,  the love of my sweetheart wife and the daily challenges of raising 3 teengage kids.

Tipping points produce both good and bad short term results. But as Steve Jobs said in his famous commencement speech, the dots do connect sometime in the future and then life makes sense.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Play by the Score: Primus and PreWork Samples and Scoring Sheets

A famous football coach once said, “In my 20 years of coaching, I never lost a single game- I just ran out of time.” (If we had more time, we’d be able to catch up, or the opposing team would get tired or commit mistakes; Nevertheless, it does not count since the rules say how much time we have in the game.) More often than not, time is a rule that everyone needs to contend with in the many games of life.

But time is not the only rule. Each game has a different set. Knowing these, and knowing what is important to score, and distinguishing which are nice but don’t add value is something that winners always do.

In the business world, the rules and the score are determined by the target market. Doing research to understand what the customer thinks is an important part of the value creation, communication and delivery process.

In my marketing management class, I remind my students to always play by the score- and be effective (achieve the objective as defined by the rules on scoring) and efficient (achieving effectiveness with the least amount of effort). Of course, life is never that simple and fair…

But we can make it very transparent using the templates and scoring sheets for the Primus and PreWork required for the class. Download these by clicking the links below...

Primus scoring sheet:

The primus worksheet is better understood when viewed together with the sample primus reports found in this link:

Pre-Work scoring sheet and Sample of a PreWork done for Chapter 1:

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Reinvention: Questions and Answers

While driving 2 hours to work and listening to the audio CD, “Reinvention: How to Make the Rest of Your Life, the Best of Your Life” by Brian Tracy, two anecdotes stood out:

These 3 Predictions by Harvard University in 1952 remain true till this day:
1. In any industry, more changes will happen in the next year than ever before.
2. In any industry, more competition will happen than ever before
3. For any industry, more opportunities will come out this year but these will be different from that of last year.

 Albert Einstein, lecturing to an advanced Physics class in Princeton , gave a test to the same class for the 2nd year in a row. His teaching assistant, perhaps awed by Einstein’s reputation but also trying to put sense in the situation asked Dr. Einstein why he would give the same test to the same class for 2 consecutive years. Einstein’s answer- “Yes, the questions are the same, but the answers have changed.” Profound answer! Theory of relativity in action?

This reminds me of the story of the priest who gave the same inspiring sermon to his church congregation for 3 weeks in a row. When finally asked by a perplexed parishioner as to the priest’s awareness on his unusual repetition, the priest answered calmly, “Why yes of course, I know that I have repeated the sermon, word for word, the last 3 weeks. And I will continue to do so, until such time that the people who listened to it actually apply it to their lives… Profound repetition!

As a last point, I am reminded of my one of my best bosses who actually reprimanded me once when I asked her an honest question after diligently putting in 110% of effort to the work assigned to me. She called me to her room, closed the door and I was expecting the private reprimand, shielded from the inquisitive ears of the staff. She said that she was disappointed not in my work, but in my question since she knew that I could have answered the question myself and need not ask her. That was the day I learned that there are not only wrong answers, but there can be wrong questions…

When the Student is Ready, the Teacher will Appear,
Reinvented vCoach Bong

Friday, September 23, 2011

Positive Contamination Marketing of Events

Every single event or experience can " positively contaminate" thousands of others with little effort and with long lasting effect. Here are 4 examples of "event" shouts that remain long after the events are over. Now, that's efficient marketing!


The first 2 liinks were the samples I showed to the students to use as benchmark while the last 2 were the result of students trumping their teacher.

Made by the teacher as a sample for the students

Made by students outdoing their teacher
It's a real treat when the students become better than their coach.

 VCoach Bong De Ungria Certified Digital Marketer

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

21 Secrets of Effective Communications

Steve Jobs has been unofficially proclaimed by many business experts as 1 of the best presentors in this tech-savy age.

In the video, here is what I got as tips for my next board presentation...
1. Set the theme
2. Outline
3. Demonstrate enthusiasm
4. Wow your audience
5. Sell an experience
6. Make numbers meaningful; use analogies
7. Paint a picture; Make it visual
8. Give a show
9. Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse! In 2011, the value of Steve Jobs' communication effectiveness was valued at $6 billion which pushed Apple as the world's most valuable brand at $153 Billion. Want to know the 21 secrets to effective communications?

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Survive and Thrive Disasters of Change Through Strategic Marketing

Strategic Marketing creates opportunities for those who expect and prepare for the inevitable change and wreaks havoc on those who dont. The 21st Century Filipino needs to survive and thrive these disasters of change.

In case you missed the class discussion, this slidecast or webinar, has both voice and slides (referred to as webinar). You can choose to let the webinar play on its own pace or you can still click the forward button to go to the slide you want to view. Try it!
Strategic Marketing for the 21st century Filipino

Survive and Thrive!
Prof. Bong De Ungria

A Vision-Driven Guide to HyperMarketing Plans for the Brand with Your Name On It

The most important brand in the world is you. Not Google, not Coke and not Sony as changes to these brands don't really affect you as much as what happens to your personal and professional brand. All things being equal, a brand with a plan has more chances of success than a brand with no plan. So why not use marketing and business principles for the brand called you. Drive it with vision and constantly achieve!

"Many people overestimate what they can do in a year but more people underestimate what they can do in a decade."- Anthony Robbins in Awakening the Giant Within.

Below is an annotated guide on how to make your own Vision-Driven HyperMarketing Plan
VCOACH Guide to 20 year personal marketing plan

Below is the 20 Year High Performance, Highly Personal Marketing Plan of vCoach Bong De Ungria, 2012 edition, serves as a sample for the MBA students of the Ateneo Graduate School of Business and Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health.
20 Year HYPER2 Marketing Plan for vCoach Bong De Ungria 2012 edition

In case you missed the class discussion, the 2011 version below, has both voice and slides (referred to as webinar). You can choose to let the webinar play on its own pace or you can still click the forward button to go to the slide you want to view. Try it!
2011 20 year personal marketing plan of v coach bong de ungria

In, search for "20 year personal marketing plans" to see more examples.

For great 20 year plans on Facebook, search for "vcoach" and click on discussions. Or click the link below...
20 year personal plans @ Facebook

Here is a downloadable template for student use...
Prof. Remigio De Ungria's Downloadable Template for Hyper2 Plans

View more presentations from Remigio Joseph DeUngria

Hypermarketing2 students:
1. Create your own 20 year Highly Personal High Performance Marketing Plan.
2. Email to
3. Upload to
4.  Embed in your own blog
5. Post your slideshare or blog url or address at:

Look for the post on the above FB link that applies to your class. For example,  if you are from v59, then look for the ff. post- then comment under the post. Below is the main post for my v59 class where students should comment on...

v59 Post your 20 Year Hypermarketing2 Plans...
Sample format:
1 word descriptor + Your Nickname and Name
url of your blogpost or slideshare upload
Sample execution:
Vcoach Bong de Ungria

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Upgrading from 4Ps to the 22Ps of Marketing

The 4Ps of Marketing has long been widely used to represent a simple summation of the most basic marketing concepts.

This 22P Marketing Stethoscope represents a paradigm shift in  marketing analysis and provides a systematic approach to tackling today's marketing challenges. Just as a doctor uses a stethoscope to initially diagnose a patient, this simple tool helps in getting to the heart of the problem.

Developed by Prof. Remigio Joseph (Bong) De Ungria for Marketing Management classes in the Ateneo Graduate School of Business

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Case Analysis

The SPADER model is a systematic technique used for solving any case. Easy to remember and use! Here's the SPADER model applied to lighting products. Finally, cases seem easier with this SPADER model.

Learn Marketing Concepts by Asking Better Questions

How do you review for the midterm exams?

Concept by concept. Chapter by Chapter.

What may seem to be a gargantuan task is made easy by this assignment.

No need to reinvent the wheel. Build on what has been done, on what is readily available.

A famous teacher once remarked- my objective during the term is to help the students learn the answers to the questions.

One of the differentiating advantages of the Vcoach Hypermarketing class is that midterm exams are objective, multiple-choice questions made by the students, for students, and posted on-line before the exam. Where else can you find that?

These approach removes all subjectivity, bias, and the torture of deciphering handwritten answers to essays. It also allows instant feedback to the student.

But the key benefit from this innovation is that it strongly encourages students to study for the exam rather than use common sense and good luck in answering the questions. With the grading system on a relativity scale, there is no way for those who don't study to score higher than those who do prepare.

Here is the Hyper2 assignment for this marketing activity starting 2013...

Here is the downloadable template for Output 1

Here is the downloadable template for Output 2
Here are 3 midterm exams that were previously given, and which provide some of the questions for future exams. Click and learn!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Learning from Student Group and Individual Executions of the 10 Step Marketing Plan

In recent years, I have skipped the use of group marketing plans in favor of individual plans since I knew how many typical groups work- the work is subdivided, 3 or more meetings are wasted deciding on what to do and waiting for other members to do some work, and then just before the deadline- 1 or 2 of the 5 group members suddenly decide to take charge and finish the work. The 3 other members coast along and agree and get the same grade. A lot of wasted time and effort.

However, there is much learning as well in doing an assigned topic with a given format and then comparing how fellow group members do it.

So starting v54, I will implement a different approach- individual submissions before a given deadline and then give enough time for the group to meet to consolidate and evaluate each individual group member's work and then come out with a best group report.

In my recent ASMPH Marketing Class, this group presentation won scoring 4.0 in all categories. This is a good model for all 10 step marketing plan group and individual reports for the AGSB Marketing Management course.

The following are the marketing plans of each of the 5 group members on the same topic. Only in exceptional cases can an individual group member can score higher than the group score. The ideal scenario is that each group member makes a 10 step marketing plan first; then the group meets and decides on the best answer using each individual report as starting data.

This first individual submission exerted the most influence on the final group output. It also scored a 4.0 in all categories.

This second individual submission actually had a better choice of the primary target market than the group. However, he was obviously over-ruled when it came to the group decision. Thus, a clear warning for group work: majority wins is not always the best way to decide on differences of opinion. Things to improve on in his report: market size computations and format.

The learning point in this next individual submission is the wrong answer on the generic winning strategy and the need to improve on format.

The learning point in these last 2 individual submissions is the wrong answer on the generic winning strategy and the great need to improve on format. Content on the competition and 4Ps is lacking as compared to the other individual reports.

This is a useful guide for making a marketing plan. It emphasizes 10 key areas for consideration:

Step 1- Primary Target Market (describe them demographically, psychographically and behaviorally)
Step 2- Needs, Wants and Demands of the Primary Target Market (relate to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs)
Step 3- Competition and Competitive Position Map- Who are your direct and indirect competitors and how are you positioned against them (2 maps)
Step 4- What is the gap, the opportunity and how will you position (based on the gap in the competitive positioning map)
Step 5- What is the size of the market from the 3 C perspectives (customer, company and competition)
Step 6-9 is all about the traditional 4 P marketing mix
Step 6- Product: What is the product. How many variants does it have. How does it look in the shelf vs. competitors
Step 7- Promo: How is the product promoted (Integrated marketing communications: Mass Communication- Sales Promotions, Advertising, Public Relations, Events and Experiences; Personal Communication- Direct Marketing, Interactive Marketing, Personal Selling and Word of Mouth)
Step 8- Price: How is the product priced vs. competition. If the product has several variants and sizes, how is it generally priced (premium, parity or discount)
Step 9- Place- Where is the product distributed? How does it reach the customers?
Step 10- What is the generic winning strategy- Low Cost Producer? Supply & Distribution Leverage, Differentiation, Niche?

How does a 10 Step Marketing Plan look like? Here is a demonstration using Close-Up Toothpaste as the product:

How to do 10 Step Plans? The simplified, illustrated, annotated guide is shown below.

Prefer a webinar (web seminar) version of this lecture? On slideshare, webinars are referred to as slidecasts (audio + powerpoint). The audio was recorded during the May 27 2011 marketing management class of Prof. De Ungria at the Ateneo Graduate School of Business (AGSB). Here's a useful tip for viewing slidecasts: you can fastforward the slide and audio by clicking on the rightmost button, similar to what you do on a DVD player. However, you also must allow sufficient buffer time for the audio to load and synch with the powerpoint slide.

No need to reinvent the wheel.The accompanying downloadable template is shown below.

Prof. Bong De Ungria

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Digital is Changing the Game

I am a Certified Digital Marketer, CDM - shouted the embroidery on the sleek white jacket that I received last Jan. 20, 2011 as one of 18 CDM graduates of the 1st batch of the Ateneo- IMMAP (Internet Marketing and Mobile Association of the Philippines). While this technically means I completed the 11 modules of the Digital Marketing diploma program (2009 to 2010) it means so much more...

The CDM program included 11 modules covering marketing using Mobile, Email, Websites, Blogs, Search Engines, Social Networks, Virtual Communities as part of an Ethical and Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy. The latest and most popular technologies are already being used in AGSB and ASMPH marketing management classes where students have used personal Google blogs, Facebook, Slideshare and LinkedIn to view lectures, submit assignments, get latest announcements and attend on-line classes. More importantly, the students have continued access to the class marketing resources even after the trimester ends.

Digital is changing the game!

VCoach Bong De Ungria, CDM

More info at

The courses have changed but the spirit is the same. Integrate digital into the total marketing campaign!


Friday, April 1, 2011

Am I going to finish strong?

The question is not- "Why did I fail?"

Question is definitely not- "Am I going to get up?"

The only question for my life is "Am I going to finish strong?"

Because the only answer to that right question is, "I am going to find the strength, I am going to get up, no matter what."

Bong De Ungria

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Translating and Personalizing Kotler

Marketing concepts, as explained by world-renowned marketing guru Philip Kotler, are meaningful only if these are translated and personalized by students.

This marketing exercise forces students to think about concepts, transform these so that it becomes understandable to them, and personalize it so that it becomes easy to remember.

This exercise also requires student to apply their learnings from the “21 steps to powerful communication” lecture.

Here is the explanation:

Here is the template for the assignment:

Here are the 21 principles of power presentations:

Be sure to post your answer on the appropriate discussion board on "Vcoach" @ Facebook and also to email the file to

Prof. Bong De Ungria

No Ice and Unlimited Rice

When I order vendo-dispensed softdrinks from any fastfood chain, I cant help but make a special request of "no ice". Why? I can't let myself be robbed of 10% of the softdrink contents in exchange for relatively worthless ice. Why not? Because, even without the ice, the drink is really cold enough.

A chinese proverb goes something like this: "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." Once upon a time I left a fastfood chain with  my empty soda cup with a lot of ice. Much wiser now, I leave with the softdrinks safe in my tummy and "no ice" on the cup.

I have heard this at least twice: Mang Inasal is being considered as a serious threat by Jollibbee. It will not be surprising if this is true as Mang Inasal came out of the blue in 2003 (or green as its brand colors go) to build as many as 263 stores as of today and aiming to have 500 stores by 2012.  (Source: To put Mang Inasal's phenomenal growth in perspective, McDonald's started in 1981 and has over 300 stores ( Jollibbee, the leader, started in 1978 and has over 600 local and 50 international stores (

What's the differentiator? Surprisingly, the battle is not on the chicken but on the "unlimited rice". This "eat all you can offer" on the rice has touched the hearts and stomachs of a lot of Filipinos. So, you dont have to be the best on everything, and perhaps the essential learning here is that you should be at least "unbeatable" on 1 thing.

So, what's your "no ice" (something you can do without) and "unlimited rice" (your competitive advantage which you absolutely can't live without).

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Create the Digital You

For many personal and professional brands, on-line presence is where there is a level playing field vs the big, giants. To compete, you must first be digitally present.

So, create your individual accounts in google mail (gmail),,, and These accounts will be used for our class discussions and for submitting and grading student assignments.

When possible, create a username with the following format: usernamenickname.... For example, if you are juan de la cruz, then your gmail account should ideally be don't use emails like or If you already have a gmail account, then make this second gmail account that follows the naming format discussed here.

If you are a computer techie, go straight to the following links:

For additional tips, go to Coach Bong's guide for Lola Techies...

Do you exist in the digital world?

If somebody googles you, will the real you appear?

It is always good to establish where you are digitally at the start of the course. Then do this exercise again at the end of the course.

step 1 - Go to google search.  Do a search for your "family name".
step 2 - Take a screenshot or digital snapshot of the page 1 result. Print screen the result
step 3 - Paste the printscreen on Powerpoint (Click the "paste" icon or simultaneously click "Ctrl" + "v")
step 4 - Label the screenshot appropriately: "Google search for "your family name" as of  "date".
step 5 - Repeat steps 1 - 4 using 2 other search engines: YaHOO and Bing.
step 6 - Repeat steps 1 - 5 this time, search for  your full name.
step 7 - Save you file in this manner - yourname.assignment1
step 8 - Email it to before the deadline.
step 9 - When you already have a student blog and a slideshare account, upload the file into slideshare. After 2 days, embed the file in your student blog.

2 samples of student assignments: (first 2 to submit and post on their blog and link to vcoach on facebook)

Create your digital twin today!
Bong De Ungria
Certified Digital Marketer

Friday, March 18, 2011

World's Most Important Brand Has Your Name On It

Apple, Microsoft, Coke, IBM, Google are the world's top 5 brands valued at more than $40 Billion each. But their global success has little impact on you.

For you, the most important brand in the world is the brand with your name on it. So, utilize business and marketing principles to make YOU, the personal brand, stand out and win.

View more presentations from Remigio Joseph DeUngria.

Here's a Downloadable Template for Personal Brand Launches...

View more presentations from Remigio Joseph DeUngria
Come On! Launch your Personal Brands
Vcoach Bong

Hypermarketing2 MBA Students:

Once you make your brand  launch and upload the file on slideshare,  you have to do 4  things:

(1) post the url to Facebook page with the ff. link…

Pls. look for the class number “Brand Launch Submissions” and post as a comment. For example, for v59 class, look for the post “v59 Brand Launch Submissions”.  Here is a sample link for the v59 class:

(2) Post on twitter with 2 hashtags  #hypermarketing2   #mybrandlaunch

(3) Email to

(4) Embed the file in your personal blog

The Shoe and the Lion

There were 2 excellent shoe salesmen who were very good friends but who were as different from one another as night and day.

Let's call the first salesman as The Pessimist and the other salesman as The Optimist.

When they went down from the plane to a third world country for the first time, the Pessimist was exasperated for he saw thousands of people with no shoes. What misfortune he exclaimed: "These people don't know a shoe even if it hit them right between their eyes. How can i possibly sell to these people who have walked barefoot all their lives?"

The Optimist was overjoyed. "How lucky can I be!," he shouted to the heavens. "All these people need shoes and I am here to sell it to them."

After a month of walking from town to town selling shoes, Pessimist and Optimist found themselves in the middle of a desert where not a tree nor animal or building was in sight for as far as the eye can see. The Optimist was relishing the feeling of tranquility while the Pessimist was cursing his bad luck and thought he would die from the heat.

Minutes later, the Pessimist seemed to be right. For he saw a big, ferocious lion in the middle of the desert who was clearly not eaten for days and was now salivating at the sight of his prey. While the Pessimist was praying for some miracle, the Optimist was putting on his rubber shoes.

The Pessimist said: "Dude, you crazy fool, you can't possibly outrun the lion in this desert!"

The Optimist replied, while tying the shoelace: "You're right old friend, can't outrun the lion. But with these shoes, I can certainly outrun you!"

As your Hypermarketing Proof of Learning (HPoL), pls post a comment below showing a real situation which can be viewed very differently by an optimist and a pessimist.

How Many Cows Sir?

Many years ago, in a land not so far away, money was not yet invented. To transact, people used cows.

It was also during that period when it was still common tradition to pay a father for the amount he spent to rear up a daughter. It was not called dowry yet but it was pretty close except for the cows used as payment.

So in this story, there was a man with 3 daughters who were of the marrying age. The old man said that since his eldest daughter was the prettiest, smartest and the funniest of the three, he expected that he would get at least 100 cows when she got married. And he did get 100 cows. So he was happy.

When it was time for the second daughter to get married, the old man said to himself: "She is half as pretty, half as smart and not as funny as my eldest one, so I'd be lucky if I get 50 cows for her." And lo and behold, he did. And he was happy.

Now the third daughter, he loved too. But being the objective dad that he was, he knew she was not pretty, not smart and downright serious. So he silently thought: "If I got 10 cows for her, I would be happy."

This old man lived in a kingdom where the king and queen wanted to transfer their power to their son, the prince. And so they told the son to look for a wife. And the son did- going around the kingdom looking for a wife among the thousands who threw themselves at his feet. For wouldn't want to be married to this handsome prince and soon to be king.

Surprisingly, the prince chose the old man's youngest daughter. And he gave 10 cows to get her hand in marriage.

A year later, the prince was now king and the youngest daughter was now queen. Just like good royalty, they visited different parts of their kingdom until finally they reached the old man's home.

When the old man saw his youngest daughter, now the queen, come home, he was surprised beyond belief. For even the objective person he was, he saw his youngest daughter was now worth a 1000 cows.

So he asked the King what happened. How did you transform my daughter from 10 cows she was a year ago to the 1000 cows she is today.

Guess what the King answered?

(Note: There were no Belo medical clinics or Marie France treatments that were available that would allow such instant physical transformations.)

The King answered very respectfully: "Father, the reason I am King today and will be King for a long time is not only because my parents were king and queen..."

He continued: "I am King because a year ago, before anybody else saw it, I saw your daughter for the 1,000 cows she really was."

Morale of the Story:
If there is anyone who should know how many cows you are worth (and not just for marriage sir! or mam!), it must be you. If you rate yourself as only 10 cows, then everyone else will agree and pay you 10 cows worth of salary a month. But if you really are worth a 1000 cows, then know it first before anybody can see it- and let it out so that in a period as short as 1 year, your value too can increase a hundredfold.