Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Inconvenient Truth: Why Blog? Just because you can? No, because you have to!

A dazed look, a blank stare, 2 scratches on the head, a quick glance at a similarly surprised seatmate: These are among the common reactions I get when I assign my students to create a marketing blog for class.

I try to explain that a blog is superior to the archaic ways of submitting graduate level assignments such as:
1. paper (they get lost, crumpled, and waste a lot of trees)
2. CD (scratched, won't play, messy)
3. soft copy via email or USB (there's just too many viruses that slip through my legitimate and expensive anti-virus software).

Fortunately for me, I am the marketing coach, and I know why I require students to do it. It is a bitter pill, yes, but something that I liken to food supplements- they cost but they make us better.

Students: please submit the url of your blogs here...

and as comments below this blogpost.

Be sure that your blog includes embeds of all your marketing assignments... Vcoach will be viewing this blog during the grade computations.

Here are details of the blog assignment. 

So rather than create my own presentations on why blogging is a necessity and not a luxury in today's digital world, I am sharing some of the best explanations I found on the web.

20 Quick Tips to Make Blogging Way Easier from HubSpot

Blog or get buried by the digital revolution
vCoach Bong De Ungria, MBA