Sunday, March 14, 2010

Prodigal Father vs. Prodigal Son- A New Paradigm

During this week's homily, our parish priest explained that prodigal has 2 different meanings: first, is recklessly wasteful which is why this is apt for the well known Parable of the Prodigal Son. The second meaning refers to boundless, lavish, profuse, giving or given in abundance which brings his view that the action of the father to unconditionally accept the return of his errant son is also an act that makes him the Prodigal Father.
And so for this Lenten Season for reflection and reconciliation, arent we both prodigal sons and prodigal parents?
Dont we always say that we will always love our children unconditionally no matter what; that we will call them to task for their actions but that it will never diminish our love for them as persons. Imperfect and frail creatures that we are, we actually do believe in this 100% when we say this to children when they occasionally misbehave. But imagine our Prodigal Father in heaven and his infinite, unconditional love for us. We are truly blessed and we just need to remind ourselves of this every day.

Why the Manny Pacquiao Brand Brings Home the Money

"Why do I fight?
Because it is a God's will." - Manny Pacquaio

"And wherever Manny goes, in the boxing ring, in congress, in singing, in serving... Manny is a fighter."

He chose to fight than be a victim of circumstance or environment.

That in a nutshell is what drives Manny.
Manny the movie: #inspiring #mustseetwice #twothumbsup #labanpilipinas #believe
- Bong De Ungria, March 15 2014

Here is the movie trailer...

Nov. 2010 Post
That Manny Pacquiao won over Joshus Clottey is not that difficult to answer to even an occasional boxing fan.  Nor will it be something that marketing or business students would learn from.

The bigger question is: why is the Pacman brand so popular that it is able to catch the interest of millions of people around the world, generate millions of PPV (pay per view) buys and a live audience of 50,994 people to watch it live?

What differentiates the Pacman brand from the thousands of other brands in the boxing world? Why does Pacquiao the brand bring home the money which others cant?

If you are a marketing management student at the Ateneo Graduate School of Business or the Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health, you are encouraged (READ as: required) to click on the comments portion after this article to share your views. Also, in your answer, try to relate your arguments to marketing principles and concepts.

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