Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Marketing Plan for Life

Who is the most important brand? You: the brand with your name on it! What is the most important business plan? Your life: which includes your family, your work, your profession, your dreams and goals. Why not use proven business and marketing principles to make brand YOU be the leading brand in your field!
Here is the summary of some of these principles from the book: "A Marketing Plan for Life: 12 Essential Business Principles to Create Meaning, Happiness, and True Success by Robert Michael Fried
  1. Define Business- Who Am I?
  2. Assess Market- Capitalize on Strength
  3. Identify Primary Target Market- Discovering Real Me
  4. Launch Strategy- Find Niche & Risk
  5. Weather Product Life Cycle- Innovate Continuously
  6. Balance Mix- Build My Brand
  7. Expand Reach- Create My Legacy
  8. Campaign Ad- Reawaken Creativity
  9. Plan Distribution- Share Time & Energy
  10. Achieve Sales- Reaching Goals
  11. Analyze Profit and Loss- Keep Score
  12. Seek Opportunities- Make Dreams Real
In our AGSB marketing management class, each student will create  a 20 year  personal marketing plan that will contain among other things: vision/ mission; business portfolio, strategies and tactics and the short and long term goals. The marketing we learn in class is business AND personal.
Coach Bong De Ungria (Dec. 8, 2009)