Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tell and Show 2.0: A Creative Exercise for Understanding and Explaining Marketing Concepts

This marketing exercise directs the student to explain marketing concepts using local, relevant examples.

The alternative? Explain a concept with more concepts and text... This has proven to be ineffective.

Hypermarketing Students: 

Kotler’s original powerpoint files can be found on Facebook at Hyper2 Online
However, you have to join the group first before you can see the files…

You will be reporting on your assigned chapter. To make it easy and totally random, your class number is your chapter assignment. Example, if your class number is 2, you will be reporting on Chapter 2.

Due Date : Day before the class  11:59 PM 

Be ready to be called to make an oral report anytime after the due date.

Be sure to post your assignment at Facebook page... “Learning Kotler Blog by Blog” at

then find your assigned Chapter and post it under it as a new comment. 

You can also view what other students did on that Chapter in past assignments. Note however, that the requirements change for every trimester and simply copying a previous work is not only unethical, it actually causes you to miss the instructions for your particular class.

Remember! Upload your assignment on slideshare, embed this in your personal blog, share on twitter and facebook  with the following hash tags (#) #agsbhypermarketing #Kotlerexplained #hyper2online

Chapter xx: Verb + Noun (Chapter Title) #agsbhypermarketing #Kotlerexplained #hyper2online

Chapter 21: Go Global #agsbhypermarketing #Kotlerexplained #hyper2online

MOST IMPORTANTLY, send your assignment (powerpoint slides only!

( Don’t send pdf , url or web addresses)  to ton or before the day before class 

One more thing, make your life so much easier by using Vcoach Bong's free downloadable template. Click here...

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