Sunday, March 14, 2010

Prodigal Father vs. Prodigal Son- A New Paradigm

During this week's homily, our parish priest explained that prodigal has 2 different meanings: first, is recklessly wasteful which is why this is apt for the well known Parable of the Prodigal Son. The second meaning refers to boundless, lavish, profuse, giving or given in abundance which brings his view that the action of the father to unconditionally accept the return of his errant son is also an act that makes him the Prodigal Father.
And so for this Lenten Season for reflection and reconciliation, arent we both prodigal sons and prodigal parents?
Dont we always say that we will always love our children unconditionally no matter what; that we will call them to task for their actions but that it will never diminish our love for them as persons. Imperfect and frail creatures that we are, we actually do believe in this 100% when we say this to children when they occasionally misbehave. But imagine our Prodigal Father in heaven and his infinite, unconditional love for us. We are truly blessed and we just need to remind ourselves of this every day.

Why the Manny Pacquiao Brand Brings Home the Money

"Why do I fight?
Because it is a God's will." - Manny Pacquaio

"And wherever Manny goes, in the boxing ring, in congress, in singing, in serving... Manny is a fighter."

He chose to fight than be a victim of circumstance or environment.

That in a nutshell is what drives Manny.
Manny the movie: #inspiring #mustseetwice #twothumbsup #labanpilipinas #believe
- Bong De Ungria, March 15 2014

Here is the movie trailer...

Nov. 2010 Post
That Manny Pacquiao won over Joshus Clottey is not that difficult to answer to even an occasional boxing fan.  Nor will it be something that marketing or business students would learn from.

The bigger question is: why is the Pacman brand so popular that it is able to catch the interest of millions of people around the world, generate millions of PPV (pay per view) buys and a live audience of 50,994 people to watch it live?

What differentiates the Pacman brand from the thousands of other brands in the boxing world? Why does Pacquiao the brand bring home the money which others cant?

If you are a marketing management student at the Ateneo Graduate School of Business or the Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health, you are encouraged (READ as: required) to click on the comments portion after this article to share your views. Also, in your answer, try to relate your arguments to marketing principles and concepts.

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

HyperMarketing 2.0: Highly Personal, High Performance Marketing for the Brand Called You

Hypermarketing 2.0 represents Highly Personal, High Performance Marketing for the Brand Called You and for the Company You Belong To, a new paradigm that I developed. The 2.0 suffix - denotes the next and higher level of marketing, aside from being a direct reference to the 2 hypers- highly personal and high performance. The other significance of the 2.0 is that it represents personal and corporate marketing.  I propose that the concept is really new: if you google "hypermarketing", there are "no search results" in any on-line dictionary or wiki (as of March 7 2010 anyway).

The underlying premise of hypermarketing is that to achieve breakthroughs in a company's marketing results, it is absolutely essential that individuals who form part of the organization consider themselves as individual brands that need to use marketing principles as well. Company brands outperform competition only if its employees have outstanding personal brands. A great example is Apple and Steve Jobs. Apple is the innovative and global brand almost everybody admires because of the personal branding of Steve Jobs. Take out Steve Jobs and the Apple brand is diminished.

While personal branding is a decade old concept, this has been explored entirely on the individual level with very little linkage to its impact on companies and organizations to which a person belongs to. Strategic marketing for corporations has been a long-accepted must, but the approach provided limited focus on the personal brands of the people tasked to develop and implement it. Even in schools and universities, there is a lopsided emphasis on corporate marketing with very little attention to the equally important dimension that is personal branding and individual marketing.

Another key feature of the hypermarketing philosophy is that true marketing power comes from within- from individual personal brands in organizations combining and synergizing to a greater corporate brand. It is therefore important to develop and inspire personal brands as a necessary prerequisite to create, maintain and defend high performing corporate brands.

The “hyper” tag has been used to represent going beyond the “ordinary”:

• In Mathematics, hyper is a prefix that denotes a fourth or higher dimension, as in hypercube or hyperplane.

• In Physics, hyper as a prefix denotes a phenomenon that is above the superlevel (hypersonic for exceptionally high speeds and hypernova for exceptionally large stars). In Starwars, Startrek and other sci-fi movies the use of hyperspeeds and hyperspace was frequently used to denote the highest velocities needed to instantly go to another dimension or jump to another part of the universe.

• In Computers, hyperlink is a common term used to allow a direct jump or connection to another part of the same document or to a totally new document, thereby saving time and effort.

• In Retailing, hypermarkets are very large superstores which offer merchandise sold in both supermarkets and department stores.

In the movie, "You've Got Mail", one of the most profound lines spoken by Tom Hanks character, when he was offering an excuse for the closure of Meg Ryan's competing business was: "It's just business, not personal." To which Meg Ryan replied: "Everything starts from being personal." When we use this movie as a management case in class, I always remind my students that the line between business and personal breaks down when an underperforming brand or business results in people losing their jobs or living a lesser quality of life.

I propose that it is now time for hypermarketing 2.0 as everything is both business and personal.

Prof. Bong De Ungria
Concept Creator of Hypermarketing 2.0 and Contamination Marketing

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Marketing to the 28 Million On-line Pinoys: Engagement not Interruption

These are picture highlights of the 19th Ateneo Graduate School of Business (AGSB) Marketing forum held last Feb. 26, 2010 at the APS Amphitheater. Theme was: "Understanding and Measuring Customer Satisfaction: On-Line and Of Cars" with Dr. Donald Patrick L. Lim, President & CEO of and Mr. Brian Walters, Vice President (Europe) of JD Powers and Associates as featured speakers.

Let's understand why the on-line Pinoy ranks among the world's best- and how we can directly and profitably engage them with our brands.