Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ano Sa Tingin Mo? (Perspectives from the 21st Philippine Ad Congress)

The TVC for the 21st Philippine Ad Congress (Nov. 18 to 21, 2009 in Subic)  features 4 perspectives of the same story as viewed by the 4 different characters: The Magician, The Assistant, The Stagehand and The Date. Then, a tragic and mysterious death. Of course,  the question is asked: Ano sa tingin mo?

Watch the 4 TV commercials by clicking the picture...Then be sure to watch all 4 commericals of the Magician, the Assistant, the Stagehand and the Date by clicking on the other pictures on the right side of the viewing screen.
One of the repeated challenges for marketing in general, and advertising in particular is to be able to foresee and balance the different perspectives of every stakeholder, for there are many. You have the client company who pays for the ad production and airing, and their primary target market who they wish to communicate to. You also have the general public and the government who are not the intended receivers but are able to receive the communication anyway. You have the ad agency and production houses who create, design and execute the ad. Who comes first? Better yet, who comes last in the priorities? What do you think or ano sa tingin mo as the 21st Philippine Advertising Congress asks us to think.

There have been instances in the past when a critically acclaimed ad which won awards did not support the business results that the advertiser intended to have. Or ads which were really good and got the audience impact from its target audience but were vilified by a sector of the general public who just don’t understand or who have their own selfish interests to promote. Or an ad that was so downright disgustingly uncreative and bakya but left a lasting imprint on the consumer’s awareness.

The perspectives issue applies not only to advertising but to everyday life as well. For the victims of Ondoy, whose perspective should they believe more? The NDCC’s or the dam administrators’ or the PAGASA’s or their mayor’s fingers pointing to somebody else? To a victim, or more appropriately, to each survivor, does it really matter? All they will feel from now own is the cumulative effect of each view that left them with a life less whole than before the many daggers thrust into them without their knowledge and consent.

One story will always have different perspectives. Every perspective is important, some angles more than others, depending on the timing and occasion. Our role is to try to see all and then make the decision. What do you think?

Did You Know?

This video reminds me of Philip Kotter's contention that the 21st century is being shaped by globalization, technology and deregulation. I call it Converging Divergence. Do find out why...