Saturday, May 16, 2009

Magicjack Your Global Competitiveness (Outsmart, Outmaneuver, Outsource)

Is $19.95 per year for unlimited US calling from anywhere in the world a solution for you? If you pay more than this, then magic jack is a proven solution that is already out there waiting for you. See
I wasn’t sure about this. But, being a marketing innovator and early adopter, I bought a magic jack unit at Kohl’s department store during their 15% discount sale last week. My cost? $34 which already includes the $19.95 first year subscription. My benefit? A US based telephone number 262-643-5781 that saves me $160 a year and that I can use to call or receive calls from any US number from anywhere in the world with no long distance or fixed monthly charges. I thought I was already a smart entrepreneur when I used a vonage phone that cost me $14.99 a month ($180 a year) vs. the widely used phone services ($300 a year). I was right until I was “magicjacked”.
I believe that there is a “magicjack” type of solution for most business processes. In my first job with Unilever 21 years ago, the company was already outsourcing non-core processes like advertising, janitorial services, security, medical services and product delivery. To remain locally and globally competitive, Unilever started to develop systems to outsource manufacturing using licensed third party contract specialists and to develop strategic alliances with vendors. The results?- lasting competitiveness, streamlined operations, lower costs, better products to customers and the ability to focus on its core strengths.
My work in IRD LLC as Director for Business Development is to create magicjack type of customized solutions for business processes of US companies leveraging world-class infrastructure in the Asia Pacific. I build synergistic relationships that leverage time differentials, cutting-edge technology and cost innovation to produce breakthrough, global competitive advantage. Interested to know more? Call my US-based number 262-643-5781 or send email to Zero cost to you. Breakthrough results inevitable... (Remigio De Ungria, May 2009)

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