Saturday, February 2, 2008

Carthage College: Consumer Behavior and Sales Force Management

January 2008

Completed teaching 2 subjects for the Accelerated Carthage Education (ACE) Program in Carthage College, Kenosha, Wisconsin.

The 2 subjects were: Sales Force Management and Consumer Behavior (and how it is used for Marketing Strategy Decisions.) Over-all the subjects involved 20 hours of in-class lectures, tests & videos and up to 100 hours of assignments, projects and cases. By the end of the classes, students had a better understanding of the role, importance and challenges of understanding consumers, designing effective marketing strategies and implementing successful sales programs that drive revenue, win market share and create profit in today's highly competitive business environment. Students who attended the course were highly-motivated professionals pursuing college degrees at night while working full-time day jobs with companies like Abbott Laboratories, Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare, Baxter, Hospira and Kenosha News.

Many thanks to Carthage School of Professional Studies staff for their excellent support which made the classes possible: Jason Ottman (Coordinator, tel 262 551 5795), Diane Keller (Director) and my mentor Rudy Ramos (Adjunct Professor, cell 262 880 9526).

Carthage Adult Education offers "the degree you need for the life you want."(Prof. Remigio DeUngria, January 2008)