Saturday, November 2, 2019

#100miles #35Days #Crazy32Hours

#100 can mean a lot of things. I only have 35 days to prepare for the Dec. 7 Crazy 32 Hour Endurance Run that I will run for the 2nd time. This time, #100 can mean 100 km or 100 miles (160 km). Both are doable and in the next 5 weeks, I will just have to find enough whys to get the how to do it possible. Right before committing to this Crazy Run, I was chatting with Race Director Jonjon Alegre, and as soon as I typed that I was only aiming to hit 100km, he replied that I should hit 100 miles to earn the buckle. Whoa, what a challenge. This may be my first and only opportunity to do it. Challenge accepted!

Just saw a Billy Yang Youtube film that had an opened with an inspiring quote by Mary Oliver. Cant get it out of my head…  So inspired by it and wonder if this will guide what I will do or wont do in the lead up preparation for the #100.

Last 2018, at around the same time, I almost did a #100km, wound up at 92.4 km (I round it off to 93), partly because I had office phone calls during the last hours of the race due to an electrical problem in one of our department stores. Once on and off the phone and the stops really killed the momentum and any hope of completing the 100.

This year, I can look back and know what stopped me and what I can do to #BeatYesterday.

I can look back at my Crazy 32 Hour in 2018 as a failure. But it doesn't really matter. I will try again. And I fail again this 2019, I will Fail Better. 

A wise man once said, that if you want to hit the mountains, shoot for the stars. #100miles in 32 hours is shooting for the stars. Last 2018, I was 23rd of 27 runners who completed the Crazy 32 hour race, and I am happy to note that there were 18 who were able to do #100 miles...

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Sandugo- One Blood?

Every race has its unique story. 

Today’s story happened after the 15km up and down trail race. 

After finishing and getting my customary finishers medal and finishers loot bag, I moved my car several km from its original parking along the road to a shaded part of the road to avoid the heat of the 9 am sun. As I was fixing my stuff in the car and downing my turmeric-coffee combo, I was surprised with a knock on the window from a man with 4 other companions. 

They were not wearing any of the traditional runner’s paraphernalia but I quickly inferred that they were also runners. The man asked if they could hitch a ride going out the 4 km long and hilly stretch from the race venue in Thunderbird resort to an area where they can get public transportation. He completed his question by offering to pay anything for the ride out.  Surprised and hesitant, I still said yes.
This is my 3rd trail race, and the 2nd time an unknown man had asked to ride in the car. After the first time (in an ultramarathon, from Tagaytay to Batangas), I promised myself that it was too dangerous as I was opening up myself to a possible carnap or holdap situation.

Actually, the group who rode in the car today had walked at least 2 km from the venue and would have walked another 4 km to reach an area where they can get a ride.  After we reached said area, the runners offered to pay but I said no need, as were all runners.
True to the name of the race, Sandugo, we runners are one crazy family with a shared passion. We help each other and we understand each other. In many ways, we are family.

Race notes:
This is my 3rd trail race.
The 1st one was Lagalag 2017 in San Mateo, Rizal- a 25 km where I only completed 16km.  It was a rude awakening to the additional challenge of trails – where there are portions where one side of the road is a dangerous cliff; there were also parts where the elevation gain or drop were so steep and yet there was almost nothing to hold on except the dirt and where stopping means sliding down back to where you started.
My 2nd trail was a pleasant, invigorating 11 km in La Mesa Watershed last Nov 2. There were no unusual and sudden ascents or descents. Only rolling terrain under sufficient forest cover that made running cool and pleasant. The trail paths were wide enough to allow a good speed without any risk of dropping into a cliff. This awakened my interest to run trails again.
On this 3rd trail race, there were 2 sudden ascents and 1 sudden decline. Perhaps due to the 1st trail experience, and this time,  with the presence of so many support crew along the whole trail, the fear and danger was much less. The last ascent was very intimidating from afar but seeing that many runners were conquering it, and when it was my turn- just continuing the pace on soft soil plus the invigorating shouts of the photographer at the top made it easier than it looked.

More race photos:

Monday, March 11, 2019



Extraordinarily great outcomes emanate from small acts of kindness.
So how do I thank people and groups who made the extra effort to greet me via VIBER on my birthday?
It may take some time, but I will thank them one by one.
So for the 3 GIFs, thanks to UMS, UFR and JenTan.
For the 11 picture greets, Salamat UDA, UNV, URO, UST, RM Pat, Rica, Edward, Mike, Iris and Rolly, VPO Joef.
For the 11 video team greets, Superthanks to UDA UTY UNV USP UVA UMK UZB UDG URS UMB UTG
For the 34 text greets, appreciation goes to UDN UBC UAN UGT UAM URX UCD UMA UTG UMS UMK UFR UZB UNV UDG URS UST UMB UTG , RM Pat, Rica, Edward, Mike, Iris and Rolly, VPO Joef, Execom PYT AYT MGG CSR DRY CMA.
For the 4 Stickers, thanks to Aaron, Joseph Calugay, Connie and John.
For the 12 Birthday card messages, thanks to VP0 Joef and VPM Jen, DMM Pen Maica, Mickey, and Lara, RM Iris, Rica, Pat, Mike, Rollie and Edward

But my gratitude is best if beyond thanks, I will reciprocate your kindness with UNSTOPPABLE Service for an UNSTOPPABLE UNO in 2019. Together, we shall make this year, our year, our UNO, our UNSTOPPABLE UNO!

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Birthday Run

You normally do special things on your birthday like go out with family, celebrate, take a vacation. 

At this stage in my life, running is one of the special things. So why not a Birthday run?

The 3 hour 21k run was more of an LSD than a race. I race to train and I train to race. Races are just a safe, more fun way to train longer distances in newer places. 

So this was an uneventful, pleasant continuous run through Buendia and the flyover. The only uncommon things were the restroom break at Jollibbee and a runner falling down at the flyover, only to be serviced by an ambulance 10 minutes after.
The feeling of accomplishment was awesome. The free endorphins and runners high was expected.

The last 5 km seemed longer than expected but it was really effortless as well.

Confident with my training, I did my first water and snackbreak at 10km, then at 16km and last drink at around 18km, compensating the time lost with a shorter period of race walk.

So after a grueling 6hr30 42k last week, this 3 hr 21k today was really an LSD.

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Unexpectedly Crazy Hard

Unexpectedly hard but surely worth it.

 Today’s Crazy 8 hour run was just 90 days from the Crazy 32 hour last December, 5 weeks from SAF 30k and only 1 week from LSD 23k last week. So this should be easy right? Not really. Even the DNF of only 10k for the Cebu marathon that was only 30 days after the 92.4 km in Crazy 8 is hard to explain. Surely, aerobic fitness does not decline that fast.

I think what really made today’s effort hard was the 2 hours sleep the night before (making daughter’s video) and also the early arrival at the venue where additional sleeping was not possible. The lack of sleep plus the work that had to be done was a big downer for Cebu but the decision to DNF, on hindsight, allowed me to submit the Petron report on time so that was a good call.  

During this race, the voices inside my head were screaming to stop as early as the first 10 km. Or to rest longer than the 1.5 hours I actually spent inside the car rather than running.

But if there is a reminder that should be remembered for the future is this is only a race for today but a preparation for the future. So quitting or not finishing does not really help. Quitting is good if there is a physical basis for it, but for the mental test, that’s part of what we pay for, to enjoy and struggle through, to go so deep inside and find true peace and strength.

Kept the mind focused on the task at hand which is just this loop or this series of runs and walks while keeping the big picture on the horizon.

I could have stopped at 4 loops but found that extra strength to at least finish 15 loops to keep the marathon distance achievement which I also did last 2018.  And it was worth it.

For next race: (1) Sleep well (2) Do your last LSD in prep for this race (last week’s 23 k in Neo from 11 pm to 4 am totally made today possible

Still cant find the best word that comes after crazy, crazier, craziest... What is crazier than doing this Crazy 8 hour, then Crazy 12 hour, then Crazy 24 hour and capping it with a Crazy 32 hour run last 2018? Yep, doing it all over again this year, but better and happier. Started pm...#needtosleep #mindgames#5hoursearly #HappyThankYouMorePlease #AMDG

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Never Say Never

I declared to the world that the Oct. 9 25k run was my last long race. I must admit that I probably was racing too much as that was my 25th race in 2017.  I decided then to put more time playing tennis and do shorter runs rather than races. Also I decided that I should put more time in the gym.

There were many factors that were considered in that big decision not to race.

But today I'm back When my wife asked me what Christmas gift I want, I said that I want to run 3 races this December: The Brown 32k on Dec. 10, the Splendido Sunset 21k on Dec. 16 and the Rizal to Rizal 50k on Dec. 31.

And so I'm back. And I'm never saying never again...

Post- Race Philosophical Reflections: (Running induces zen-like meditations that makes philosophers out of unsuspecting runners…)


Yesterday, I still had a high fever, cough and body aches from a 3 day bout with flu. I was tempted to do a DNP (did not participate).

But I got to ask the right question just in time- What must I do to be able to run the race even with the flu effects? The answers came quick: go to acupuncture despite the 2 hour traffic, dont attend the Christmas party in order to prepare well and to get max sleep.

Voila- it worked. Well at least as far as finishing the entire race route was. Since my last LSD was only a 20km last week and my last race was 25 km 60 days ago, my mental endurance was up for a test. And it passed up to the 27 km mark, after which I decided to walk for most of the way.

The mental strength was so challenged that I was tempted several times to go the easier way out by not completing the route. This would have been the first time. But NAH, not worth it. I wouldnt deserve the medal or the shirt and I will forever be haunted by it. So I FINISHED. And I was prouder that I did.

Today was the best of times and the worst of times. This was my worst time in a 32k, but of course I have an excuse. This is also the best time since I kept my race integrity and finished the whole 32k when I could have easily cheated and run only 27k, But that's not me, never! And this I can say will always be NEVER.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Omni Runner- Anywhere Anytime


Arrived early so i can drop off my son Jeric. What to do? 

Run with purpose! 3s- shirt shoe sometime! One of the many advantages of running


Did a 5 K Run 98 @ UP RW2 with 5 30 sec sprints and 2 min recovery up and down at UP science complex...

Always hard to start but once there is momentum, it is harded to stop. Really intended just to do the sprints but what the heck, did the UP loop too.

And instead of running on the concrete and asphalt, went on the trail too. 

Omni-runner I am. 

Sunday, December 3, 2017

OBF LSD and 3 Letter Truths

OBF = One Big Fight (for Atenenistas)
LSD = Long Slow Distance (for Runners) or Learning Self Discipline (for me)

Ateneo just won the Men's Basketball Championship of UAAP's Season 80 dethroning the very worth defending champions, DLSU Green Archers. The victory was sweet and hard earned and perhaps DLSU is the only team whose champion's heart and exceptional fighting spirit makes even 10 point leads with almost no time left, unsafe.

The OBF chant is always there during games. But did you know, that this part of the Ateneo Brand is even in the email's of Ateneo Loyola School official school emails? I should know because my daughter is a college freshman and her email includes OBF.

I have been an Atenean since 1990 when I first took my MBA. I was fortunate to have been given the opportunity to teach marketing at Ateneo since 1994, immediately after completing my MBA. Since then, I have taught 76 classes during the weekend or weeknights while working in corporations during the day.

Perhaps it is worth noting that Atenean or not, we all have our OBF every day. Some fights are larger than others, of course, but they are fights nonetheless - the white wolf vs. the black wolf, the Jedi vs. the Sith, the Jekyll in me vs. the Hyde in me.

Another 3 letter truth is LSD which represents what runners must do during weekends to gain enough physical endurance and mental toughness. While LSD normally means Long Slow Distance, today's experience made it mean something else: Learning Self Discipline as this is the first time I ran on my own for 3 hours almost continuously as part of my preparation for the longer 5 hour 32k run next week.

I know from experience that missing today's LSD would mean struggling in next week's race. So even if I slept late and had only 3 hours of sleep, I had my OBF for the day and ran 19km in my home subdivision. No race medals or finisher shirts, just the satisfaction that I have done what I needed to do to prepare myself for next week's OBF. To ensure that I was really prepared, added 2.5 hours of singles and doubles tennis... I am ready for my OBF because of my LSD and for today,  that is my 3 letter truth...

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Why Linked In? (For the UP Student)

Linked In profiles are a  part of the mandatory requirements for completing the Digital Marketing course which I coach at the University of the Philippines

In a way, this is a higher level version of the traditional "Introduce yourself to your classmates and to the professor" activity at the start of every class. A student recently asked why there was no formal introduction by coach on the first day of the trimester- this is why.

More importantly, this exercise is an immediate and practical application of marketing in the real world to the most important brand in the world for you - the brand with your name on it. So why not use effective marketing principles that we learn in class to promote your personal brand and get higher returns for doing so? Why confine your brand to the classroom when you can get a google result at the top of the google page with your name on it, for free?  Why let other people determine what others see on the web about you when you can have relative control over it (as my marketing class will learn later in the course, this is your brand identity- what you say to the world vs. brand image- what the world thinks of you).

Want proof? Do a google search of my family name- "de ungria", what do you see? Try other search engines- yahoo, bing, and what do you see? Then do a  google search for your "family name"  or even of your "whole name", and what do you get? I rest my case, or in this example, I rest my link...

Here's how to create an effective Linked In profile:

This is a snapshot of the correct post.

Note the following key elements: (1) recent, smiling, colored picture (2) customized url or weblink (3) one word descriptor (“vcoach”) and (4) elevator speech. The details of what all these mean are in the explanatory powerpoint below (Creating the Professional You via Linked In)

Once you make your profile,  you have to  post the url to our class FB page as a comment on the linked in assignment.

A second requirement is this: While in Linkedin, export the file as a pdf, then email the pdf to Here is a snapshot of how to export your profile as pdf. Simply click on the down arrow beside "Edit" as shown below.

Here's why joining Linked In is a great idea.

What should be in your linked in profile?

What is linked in?

Here's a sarcastic take on why not to join...

New User? Here's a User's Guide

Thursday, August 10, 2017

A-Team and 42K Team: Volunteer Now!

I am inviting and encouraging, students and learners to voluntarily join  the A-Team or the 42K teams of the class.

To the A-Team, both the effort (doing all the mandatory and optional assignments) and the result (grade) are important. 

To the 42k Team, the effort is the full reward and the grade is not that important. It is like me joining a 42k marathon with the end goal of just enjoying and finishing the run rather than winning 1st, 2nd or 3rd place. Surely, the effort to finish a 42k is incomparable as wining the 5k fun run and that shall be considered. 

What is expected?
Volunteers to the A-Team and 42k Team need to send an email to signifying their intention to join.

Team members are expected to do all assignments well and on-time.
Go the extra mile.
Rise from the ordinary.
If possible, be among the first to submit assignments particularly those which are posted on-line for the rest of the class to see and use as benchmark.
Volunteer for class tasks and help out in the class admin.
Point out room for improvement silently (via email) or loudly while in class (for example, class should end already...)

What is the reward?
The hard work you put in is in itself a reward. While there is no guarantee of the highest grade will be given (as this can be achieved even by non-members who still perform well vs. the majority), it will be easier for you to be noticed in a small group of A-team and 42k team members than the large group of the regular fun runners.
The other reward is that other members of the class who are happy doing only the passing standards and mandatory requirements of the class (the 5k and 10k runners as per this analogy) will not be forced to run longer than what they signed up for.
Furthermore, the longer distance runners (the 21k and 42k) will not be bored or find the course too light in learning and challengers.

What is the penalty?
None. Although I would appreciate it much if members formally opt out of the A-team or 42K teams rather than stop doing what is expected and make me wonder why. 

I love it when a plan gets together....