Saturday, December 9, 2017

Never Say Never

I declared to the world that the Oct. 9 25k run was my last long race. I must admit that I probably was racing too much as that was my 25th race in 2017.  I decided then to put more time playing tennis and do shorter runs rather than races. Also I decided that I should put more time in the gym.

There were many factors that were considered in that big decision not to race.

But today I'm back When my wife asked me what Christmas gift I want, I said that I want to run 3 races this December: The Brown 32k on Dec. 10, the Splendido Sunset 21k on Dec. 16 and the Rizal to Rizal 50k on Dec. 31.

And so I'm back. And I'm never saying never again...

Post- Race Philosophical Reflections: (Running induces zen-like meditations that makes philosophers out of unsuspecting runners…)


Yesterday, I still had a high fever, cough and body aches from a 3 day bout with flu. I was tempted to do a DNP (did not participate).

But I got to ask the right question just in time- What must I do to be able to run the race even with the flu effects? The answers came quick: go to acupuncture despite the 2 hour traffic, dont attend the Christmas party in order to prepare well and to get max sleep.

Voila- it worked. Well at least as far as finishing the entire race route was. Since my last LSD was only a 20km last week and my last race was 25 km 60 days ago, my mental endurance was up for a test. And it passed up to the 27 km mark, after which I decided to walk for most of the way.

The mental strength was so challenged that I was tempted several times to go the easier way out by not completing the route. This would have been the first time. But NAH, not worth it. I wouldnt deserve the medal or the shirt and I will forever be haunted by it. So I FINISHED. And I was prouder that I did.

Today was the best of times and the worst of times. This was my worst time in a 32k, but of course I have an excuse. This is also the best time since I kept my race integrity and finished the whole 32k when I could have easily cheated and run only 27k, But that's not me, never! And this I can say will always be NEVER.